5 Free Resources for Web Designers and DevelopersWeb designers and developers are always on the lookout for neat new tools to help them smooth out their work flow, solve problems and generally save time and effort.  Here are 5 new tools that web designers and devs are sure to love, and they are all free!

1. Grumpicon

SVG images are great, especially for responsive design.  However, support for them isn't always the best. Wouldn't it be great if there was a tool to quickly and easily convert those .SVGs into other formats?  That's where Grumpicon comes in.  Drag & drop your image and you will receive: SVG data URL, PNG data URL and a normal PNG file

2. Pure

Frameworks are great, but how often do you really need everything in it?  It's time consuming (and slightly annoying) to go in and edit everything to your liking. That's where Pure comes in. It's a lightweight set of CSS modules for your web projects.

3.  Retinize It

Tiring of slicing out images from designs? Retinize It is an action for Photoshop that will save you the time and effort of slicing images for your Retina designs.  Hit play and your images will be ready for Retina display in no time!

4. JSHint

Been looking at that JavaScript code for hours and still can't find that bug?  Let JSHint help you out and give it a fresh set of eyes.  JSHint can detect errors and other potential problems in your JavaScript code while maintaining coding conventions.

5. Portkit

Working on a mobile app or site?  You are probably concerned with cross device compatibility. Switching between those devices all the time can be time consuming, that is if you even have all those devices on hand to test on.  This is where Portkit comes in, it gives you a simple side by side comparison of various style elements on Android, iOS6 and iOS7.

These are some of our favorite free resources for web designers and devs.  Did we miss any really awesome ones? Let us know and share it with us in the comments!