What does your website say about your brand?  Is it hip and trendy? Old and stodgy or maybe just way behind the times?  Your website may be the first impression of your brand to potential clients & customers so it always needs to be looking it's best. Don't let your site hold you back.

Your site is old, and behind the times.

Responsive design? What's that? Flat design? Nope. If your site looks like it could have been designed in the 90's it's time to revisit it. It tells your audience that you don't really care about it. Maybe they even have doubts about if you are still in business! What can you do? Time for a redesign!  Your site is your brand online, and should reflect that. Don't let the past hold you back!

Your site is modern and fresh.

Apple has nothing on your site's design. Your site is one of the ones that designers look to when finding new trends. Flat design? Yeah you were all over it before it became a trend.  Your site tells your customers or clients that your brand is up to date, and modern.  Your brand understands the modern lifestyle and enhances it. Just be careful your site isn't too trendy. Trends don't always equal good design, usability, or your brand.

Your site is a generic template.

If you are using a generic template filled with generic stock photos, you know the ones, happy call center girl?  Your generic template says that you understand you need a site, but didn't want to spend a lot. Or maybe your brand is just really boring and bland. Don't miss out on customers or clients because they can't remember you next to your  memorable competitor!  Update your site to truly reflect your unique brand and let visitors get to know the real you!

Your site is branded to a T.

Your site matches your brand online and off. It's easy to navigate, uses modern web techniques and overall is pretty awesome. Mobile and tablet users love it just as much as desktop users and it even loads quickly on all speed networks. Congrats! Your site is enhancing your brand and bringing in clients or customers and generally making your users very happy!

Take a good look at your site.  What does your site say about you?  If you find your site doesn't say what you want it to say, don't worry it can be fixed! Don't let your old or poorly designed site hold you back anymore! Not sure what your site says about you? We'd be happy to give you the site your brand deserves, just contact us.