Typography may not be at the top of your list when it comes to a design project. However, it's an important part of the greater whole and the wrong choice can leave your design lacking.  Finding the right font isn't always easy so here's 10 of our favorite font & typography resources to give your design the solid base it needs.

10 Font & Typography Resources to Improve Your Design

1. SkyFonts. Google Fonts has recently teamed up with Skyfont to offer a desktop version of their popular Google Fonts.

2. Typetester. Typetester allows you to compare fonts and thier parameters, as well as generates CSS. It uses many of the most common font libraries including Windows fonts, Apple fonts and Google Web Fonts.

3. Font Deck. Font deck allows you to preview fonts live using real text on your site. It also provides your site visitors the latest font updates since the fonts are hosted at Font Deck. It's easy to install with a few lines of CSS or via a Wordpress plugin.

4. FFFFallback. Looking for the perfect fallback font? That's where FFFFallback comes in. It helps you find just the right fallback font for those users who cannot use your prefered font.

5. WhatFont.  Ever wonder what font a certain site is using? If you are a designer, you probably have! WhatFont is a bookmarklet that quickly identifies fonts on any website you visit.

6. Flipping Typical. This interesting project will show you text in various fonts you already have installed on your computer.  It's a great way to cut down on time spent looking for the perfect font.

7. Typekit. Typekit offers a wide variety of fonts to use on the web.  It even offers an editor that allows you to easily apply fonts to any selector you wish.

8. PX to EM. Looking to convert px to em? PX to EM does just that, this quick and easy to use tool will effortlessly convert your px values to EM, no math involved (by you anyway)!

9. Modular Scale. Dislike math? Not a problem. Modular scale takes the math out of choosing your margins, type sizes and line heights.

10. Font Feed.  Font feed is a feed of fonts curated by Font Shop.  It's your daily source of inspiring new examples, useful tips and techniques, and the latest typography news.

What are your favorite font & typography related resources? Share them in the comments.