Noticed Things Slowing Down Lately? Get Familiar with Net Neutrality 


Noticed any spinning wheels calling attention to slow lanes lately? Nobody has stated it better than comedian John Oliver; more people would care about net neutrality if only it wasn't presented as being so boring. Perhaps, this is the strategy that is being used to purposely distract Americans from the real issue at hand: Cable companies are pushing to shift the Internet from being an equal playing field to a privilege to those in power.

Whenever this issue is discussed a lot of jargon is thrown around rather than simply stating it for exactly what it is. Right now almost anyone has the ability to go on the internet, create their own space, and build a brand. Monopolies like Comcast, Verizon, and Time Warner want to change that. They want to create fast lanes for businesses that can pay them big bucks and everyone else will be left in the slow lanes.

As it currently stands, you don't have to have much to foster an online empire. Other than a time investment, commitment, and hard work that's it. That is the beauty of the internet; it gives startups the fighting chance they may not have otherwise have if they were to open a business at a physical location. Online business no doubt has helped to boost our economy, promote entrepreneurship, and opportunity. For the sake of greed, the most hated companies in America want to take that away from the public.

The stats from The American Customer Satisfaction Index, should be no surprise to anyone.

"Cable giants Comcast and Time Warner Cable have the most dissatisfied customers. Comcast falls 5% to 60, while Time Warner registers the biggest loss and plunges 7% to 56, its lowest score to date." (Press Release Telecommunications and Information 2014)

Yes,  these companies are genuinely hated by almost everyone and it seems they are looking to increase their level of dissatisfaction. Not that they care, as clearly their motive is money and they could care less about the people that help make them what they are today. They have been using their money to lobby Congress and the FCC to make their nightmare a reality. As the old cliché goes, if it isn't broke don't fix it. Keep the internet free,  open,  and accessible for anyone to pursue their dreams.



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