New WordPress Update Makes Weeding Out Worthless Plugins Easy As Pie

WordPress users know  about the splendor and the horror of plugins. Thankfully the new WordPress update makes it easier to spot the weeds in the vast sea of plugins and locate the hidden gems.

If we could take a poll, the findings would be unanimous that at least 80% of plugins (probably even higher than this percentage) suck. They either are not compatible with your site, cause weird bugs to occur, or simply do not work.  Which is why plugin reviews have been an absolute godsend for those seeking to get honest feedback from the WordPress community and save themselves some time.

Normally to get the rating and info about the plugin you would have to go outside the WordPress dashboard to find this information. You would have to do a Google search or go onto the WordPress support site to see all of the need to know information regarding the plugin.


This WordPress upgrade has given us the gift of seeing ratings, reviews, and info all from within your WordPress dashboard. When you are ready to do a plugin search you will find that it has made a beautiful user friendly transformation. The days of taking of that extra step are over. Kudos to WordPress for implementing this time saving update.

If you haven't already make the update as some other neat features were released in addition to the new plugin search interface. It's also a good idea to keep your WordPress version up to date for security purposes to guard against hacks and viruses. Be sure to always back up your database and files before performing WordPress upgrades.