How to Make Your Blog Posts Super Shareable


You’ve created a modern masterpiece with your latest blog post, but that doesn’t mean it’s destined for greatness. Many writers set themselves up for failure from the very start by neglecting to consider shareability. Shareability is the extent to which information can be shared. To which extent are you allowing your readers to share your content? It’s an important question, as the success of your blog doesn’t stop at readership.

So what are the major factors that maximize shareability? We’ve narrowed down our tops here!



Herein lies your greatest power. There is no greater head-scratcher than a blog post with no share buttons. You do want to increase your readership right?


Any interaction your audience has with your brand or message should be as easy as possible. Yes, as capable humans we have the ability to copy and paste text and links into social posts; but why should we have to? Many of us are busy, possibly a bit lazy, and frankly, expect more consideration from you. Evaluate your blog post pages. Even if you already have social share buttons, are they positioned correctly? Could you possibly maximize shares by adding buttons at both the top and the bottom of the article? It’s been proven that many people don’t read full posts before sharing after all. Position your share buttons correctly to position yourself for major blog wins!



It’s a fact: Posts with images are more shareable. How much so? The average shares of posts with images hovers around 65%. Without? About 28%. (BuzzSumo) Not only should you posts feature images, but they should be relevant and highly visually appealing.


Think about it this way: What usually gives your social posts that wow factor? Visuals! Provide powerful visual backup within the article and you give your audience they power to carry that wow throughout their own social networks. They may not have considered sharing until seeing a graphic that packs a lot of punch!



During the writing process, sometimes you know you’ve just crafted a sentence that encapsulates your post perfectly. Or maybe you’ve found the perfect statistic that really drives the point home. Capitalize on this sweet spot! Often times, people will look for key information to share beyond a basic regurgitation of the headline. Make the process easier by adding “Tweet this” buttons to particularly shareable excerpts. Give yourself kudos where kudos is due and then tell you audience exactly what you would like them to do with the information.


Setting your self up for shareablilty is a no-brainer! You can influence your audience to act, by simply equipping your posts with the right tools! You have the power to make them care to share!