7 Ways to Get on the Road to Twitter Success

Too many unfollows or slow Twitter growth rates are especially frustrating when investing hours upon hours of your precious time. Fortunately, you can be proactive and face these challenges head on. Here are 7 ways you can boost your Twitter performance.

1. Interact with your followers

People follow on Twitter to create connections. If multiple attempts to reach out go unnoticed, people are likely to stop following you. Of course as an influencer you may be loaded with questions and comments, but take some time to respond to the people who took the time to follow you.

2. Avoid ReTweet Overload 

It's always great to share tweets from others. Retweeting is the highest form of Twitter praise and can pave the way for many new found connections. However, too much of a good thing can easily become a bad thing. It is important to make sure your profile is more than just retweets from others. You also need to make noteworthy statements and share content of value.

3. Don't be too promotional

Everyone has something they want to promote and ultimately want high conversions on. However, when you do nothing but sell, sell, sell, it becomes pretty annoying to your followers. It is almost guaranteed that they will stop following if this is all you focus your time tweeting about. It's okay to share your promotional material just make sure there is also healthy interaction going on with your followers. 

4. Don't be so attention hungry. People will notice.

You think they don't notice but they do. 

After the Newtown, CT shootings, K-Mart sent out a tweet paying their respects that included one of their promotional hashtags in it. As you can imagine, it wasn't well received. 

Stay away from overusing hashtags and of course, never ever use a national tragedy as a means to get more spotlight. 

5. Do use appropriate hashtags for discovery

Used correctly hashtags are a great way to expose yourself to more potential followers. Try to be more specific with the hashtags that you use for optimum exposure. You want to use a hashtag that is popular enough so that there are good amount of people viewing the hashtag, but you also don't want to use a hashtag were millions of people are using the same tag, because it will make it more unlikely that someone will actually discover your post. For instance rather than using a general term like  #crossfit  try targeting more with something like #crossfitgirls.  Do a little hashtag research and find some unique ones you could put to good use.

6. Don't be so automated

Yes, automation tools are a godsend. They help broadcast your message faster and more efficiently than you ever can on your own, but when this is used alone with no personal interaction from you, it's not enough. Your account becomes a boring stream, that most people will have a hard time finding a connection with.

7. Share content from others and mention them in your tweets

Rather than simply relying on a retweet, take time to research good shareable content from those in your niche that you admire. Share a link to their site and mention them in a tweet. This tactic is a good networking tool.