How To be "On The Spot" Social

Social media is spontaneous, so you should be too! Whether you find yourself in an unexpected time crunch or need to seize a story in real time, check out some of our favorite tools for posting on the fly.


Find content in a flash!



Prismatic is a social newsreader that creates a tailored feed based on individual interests. The user can choose a few topic areas and Prismatic will track and compile related content. With additional help from social login, the service compiles a list of interests extremely relevant to the user and their social followings. Because you’ve essentially filled you feed with stuff it already knows you like, curated content is incredibly point. 



Self-proclaimed as the “online magazine rack” of the web, AllTop aggregates the most recent headlines from top news sites covering a range of topics. On the main page, peruse collections of current posts across the web. Even better, once you scroll over a headline, an excerpt appears (which becomes a huge timesaver and save you clicks.) is a collection of the 10 most popular links on Twitter, as tweeted by the most “interesting people on Twitter.” Who are these people really? We can’t be sure, but we do know that regularly delivers what ends up being our favorite and most riveting content in real-time. Also super helpful is their Twitter feed which regularly tweets the latest links. Set up notifications and you won’t miss a thing!


Now, spice it up!



Of course you already know social content is substantially more powerful with visuals. Just because you’re in a rush, doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice substance. If you haven’t already jumped on the Canva bandwagon, you’re truly missing out. This powerful design tool has TONS of amazing templates, which is particularly useful when you need to serve fresh graphics in a snap. Whether creating an impromptu visual element or designing something a bit more custom, Canva is a great go-to!


We LOVE these tools (especially for curation in real-time) but the most powerful tool should always be your own arsenal. We recommend always having an emergency queue on-hand with potential posts. This way you can ensure you’re posting apropos content that is always on brand!

Is there something we missed on this list? Drop us a line, we'd love to hear your own recommendations!