Why Facebook Advertising Is Actually Worth It

Of course no one WANTS to pay to play on Facebook, but the sad reality is, in order to be seen, you MUST have an advertising budget. This especially holds true if you are just starting out and you aren't Beyonce. For all of us that can't be Beyonce, it's a long continuous uphill battle. Even the people who have liked your page are unlikely to see your post in your news feed without you putting out a little cash.

Facebook advertising is worth it for newcomers looking to build an audience. Here is why:

The cost of advertising is affordable

You are in control of how much you want to spend to boost posts. Whether that is just $5 or $200. 

Reach even more people than you did prior to Facebook's algorithm changes

Again, nobody is happy about feeling required to shell out extra money. Being that social media marketing in itself already is not FREE as it is actually a big time investment. So on top of valuable time, you now have to pay to get be seen. The good news is that even just by spending $5 to $20, you are capable of reaching even more people than you could have previously. You can reach thousands upon thousands of people and if your message, product, or service is worth mentioning, those who like your post will share it to countless others.


Target the right people

What's really amazing about Facebook ads is the ability to target people who are more likely to listen and be interested in your message. Personally, I feel it is a thousand times better than Google Ads because it does a better job of narrowing down your audience. You are able to narrow what gender, age range, and most importantly the interests of your audience when targeting your ad.

Take time and plan out what is a feasible advertising budget for your company. You can choose to spend $5 dollars a week to start. You'd be surprised how effective $5 can be on Facebook. As long as you have some sort of plan and budget for advertising you are on the right track.