Hard Selling: One of the Biggest Social Media Fails

One of the worst mistakes you can make using social media is constantly pushing product and neglecting to connect with your audience. Businesses are nothing without people, and if you haven't learned how to reach out to them, you are likely loosing out.

Think about the people you choose to follow on your networks. What makes you want to follow them? It certainly isn't because they are force feeding you new products. You are likely following them because they are providing content of substance. Whether its purpose is to make you laugh, teach you something new, or keep you informed; you stick around because of the value it adds to your life.

                                                                                                      Good example of a quick tip that could be posted to social media

                                                                                                      Good example of a quick tip that could be posted to social media

Improve your networks by thinking about how you can add value to your following. Try sharing some graphics that teach them how to do something, share quick tips, reference current events, or even send out a simple hello or thank you to show appreciation for them being a part of your community. Go beyond simply seeing your audience as dollar signs. Once you make an effort to connect with them as people, you are likely to see an increase in engagement and a natural growth of your following.

People like knowing who is behind the brand. When you can give them a sense of what your company culture is like and what you are stand for, it's easier for them to connect because you become more relatable. 

We know your end goal is obviously to make revenue as a business, so this post by no means is not suggesting that you eradicate your promotional posts. It's is simply saying don't neglect the people that have made your business what it has become today.