You Are Missing This One "MUST Have" From Your Social Media Marketing


One VERY IMPORTANT component is missing from all of your social media communications. What is it? Direct contact information. Unless you make attempts to collect this information, the ability to easily capture your audience's email address or phone number simply does not exist. This begs the question: Without incorporating this into your strategy, how much value do these connections actually hold?

Change is constant, especially when it comes to online business. Take the concept of a "free" Facebook, for example. Now just to have existing followers see your posts in their newsfeed you are likely going to have to shell out some dollars. This can happen to each and every one of the social media networks. This is why you need to ensure that along with your social media posting efforts, you also are requesting direct contact info. 

This can be done by asking your followers to sign up to an email or text messaging list. Doing this ensures that, even if one day a new social media platform takes over and Facebook is history, you still will have a good amount of contacts that you can reach out to. Nothing stays the same for long and you want to make sure you are prepared for any drastic changes that may come your way (which is to be expected in the online industry.)

In our previous post, Facebook Bans Like-Gating Use These Alternatives Instead we provide examples of how you can gather direct contact info from your Facebook audience. As a general guideline for all of your social networks, every so often invite your audience to join your lists through a creative graphic. You can use free sources like PicMonkey or Canva to create a stellar design in no time without needing to be a professional graphic artist.

Further entice your audience to connect with you through your list by offering them access to exclusive content or discounts. Make your list of value to your following and in time you will have a sustainable following that you can contact regardless of what happens to any of your social networks.