Residual Traffic: Keep Your Pins Circulating With Very Little Effort

Out of all the social media networks, Pinterest has one unique quality that sets it apart from all the rest: the life span of the pin that you post. The popularity of posts on other networks are notoriously short-lived, dying out pretty quickly in a range from only a couple of hours up to days. On Pinterest, exceptional content can circulate for months on end or even more on the long-term.

This is why Pinterest is a terrific way to accumulate residual traffic for your website. In other words, you no longer have to overextend yourself to push and promote this content. Of course you will have to put in some initial effort of creating a great pin, but after this is done people continue to circulate it for you.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are just not likely to do this for you. On these networks what is current, new and fresh will dominate. Sure older content circulates throughout these platforms here and there, but never to the degree that does on Pinterest.


Of course in order for you to reap the benefits of residual traffic from Pinterest, the pin must be high quality. How to's, recipes, and infographics are great examples of content that are sure to circulate throughout the web for a while. The reason being is that they are useful content that others can learn from. Whenever, you can provide value to your audience they will appreciate it.

Take your time to create a visual that will be helpful to others regardless of trends or timeframes. There are tons of free ways to do this through online editors like PicMonkey, Piktochart, or Canva. These resources make it possible for even the most novice designer to create beautiful shareworthy pins. Focus on creating timeless content that will be shareable among the Pinterest community for years to come and continue reap all of the traffic benefits. After the heavy lifting of creating a great pin is out of way you barely have to lift a finger to promote it after you have shared it with your audience.